June 30, 2015

Like A Quilt Block

One more 6"x8" layout for Citrus Twist, one that's project life inspired and centres around the Pink Paislee journal card. I take other sections from that same cut-apart sheet and surround the title with a colourful quilt block. Keeping things very simple I only added some glitter stars and a puffy camera, plus some stitching. I had thought using no pattern paper this month would be tough but actually it turned out pretty straightforward and painless. Something I think I'll definitely incorporate more of into my regular scrapbooking. 


Citrus Twist June Kits : Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss (Hello, Ephemera Pack), Seven Paper Baxter 022, Evalicious Life's Sweet v2 Puffy Stickers, Glitter Foam Stars, Crate Paper Poolside Snow Cone, cardstock

Photo Credit: Estall

June 25, 2015

Fun In The Sun

This is a twist on my previous  layout. I take the triangle and shifted it over to the left, using more of a mountain shape rather than a right-angled photo corner shape. It's a bonus I didn't use pattern paper because the yellow vellum is the perfect backdrop for a long title created from alphas of two colours to provide typographical interest.   


As for the embellishment cluster, it's bits and pieces of the Citrus Twist Sprinkles Kit. I think while Trina offers this kit of smaller sized items to cater to her project life and planner customers, it's also great for the scrapbooking 8.5"x11 and 6"x8" layouts. And in truth although we didn't have much in the way of lemony encounters while we were in the Medditerranean, these fun die-cuts and wood veeners are just to cute to pass up, plus they go so well with the sunny vibe of the page.

Citrus Twist June Kits : Crate Paper Poolside Splash, Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss Ephemera, Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Gold Glitter Alphas, wood veneers, white cardstock, Others : yellow vellum

Photo Credit : JonKline

June 20, 2015

Go Washi

For my Citrus Twist no-paper layout number two, I go with washi tape as a paper substitute. It helps that there's a versatile washi design this month, one of geometric colour blocks. For even more pizzazz I lay it diagonally over acrylic and use a triangle shaped portion as a giant photo corner. I have to admit to using a little pattern paper - the pink polka dot, but I'm giving myself leave to do so if it doesn't take up more than 10%  of the page, which in this case it doesn't. I'll be back next week with another layout, also featuring a strong triangle element. See you then.


Citrus Twist June Kits : Anrich Geometric Washi, Evalicious Life's Sweet (V1 Flair, V2 Puffy Stickers), Amy Tangerine Rise & Shine Grace Black Foam Stickers, Seven Paper Baxter 016, Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss (Ephemera Pack, Hello), Citrus Twist Wood Veneer, white cardstock

Photo Credit : Mcconnmama

June 15, 2015

Minimally Made

This month I challenge myself to give up my favourite scrapbooking product and make pages for Citrus Twist Kit without using pattern paper. Here's my first effort. In place of pattern paper I use a large photo, almost full-page size, shaped into a stylised capital M. It serves to emphasise the people in the photograph and to eliminate some of the distracting background. Next I mix a foam script thicker with a gold glitter alpha to create a two-part title, placing them strategically in the white spaces above and below the letter M. The resulting design is so strong and graphic that only minimal embellishment is required - just a little teacup and a puffy label.


I'm so happy with the scrappy progress I've made as a result of these monthly challenges I set myself. Six months on I've made a layout, with white cardstock, that relies on alphabets and thickers to make an impact, something I would never have thought to do before.   

Citrus Twist June Kit : Crate Paper Poolside Splash,  Evalicious Life's Sweet (V2 Puffy Sticker, Snipsnip Page Tabs), Amy Tangerine Grace Foam Thickers, Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Gold Glitter Alpha, white cardstock
Photo Credit : Kinfolk

June 10, 2015

Still Going Round In Circles

Ever since I created this sketch for the Memories Trend I've got bouncy circles on my mind. If I can't beat them I thought I might as well join them. So I took my sketch and made a card using the June Citrus Twist kit. The kit is actually packed with fresh, citrusy colours but I used several of more muted embellishments on this card since it's meant to for a relative who has just made it through a period of adversity.


I think Trina hit it out of the park with this month's kits and her customers seem to agree with the Sprinkles Kit, Add-On Kit and Project Life Kit selling out within hours of the reveal. If you have time I highly recommend checking out the Gallery because the design team was inspired to create some truly stunning layouts.

Citrus Twist June Kits : Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss Ephemera Pack, Crate Paper Poolside Splash, Evalicious Life's Sweet (SnipSnip Page Tabs, Puffy Sticker), Citrus Twist Stamp, sequins, cardstock.